Top 7 Butt Lift Exercises For a Perfect Ass

After six pack abs, for most people the next stop is Butt Lift (OK! Maybe the first for Ladies). Ranging from Brazilian butt lift exercises to plain workouts, there is a lot to choose from, but that is exactly where it becomes daunting for most of us.

5 Best Posture Exercises – Say GoodBye To Bad Posture

Posture Problems, as many people are wrongly lead to believe, cannot be entirely solved with Yoga or Pilate training. Fact of the matter is, posture is a lot dependent on core strength and that is what you should be considering while looking for best posture exercise. Strong

10 Beautiful People With Best Eight Pack Abs – With Images

If six pack abs just aren’t for you, there is a solution to rip yourself some finely defined eight pack abs. There are a lot of celebrities known especially because of their well defined eight pack abs and most of them have worked really hard on those last

3 Best Exercises For Broad Shoulders

Shoulder muscles are of utmost importance from a man’s perspective, it gives you that broader, masculine look and many women find it the most attractive part of the male body (OK! Maybe the second).  In contrast to the popular belief that Military press is the best shoulder

10 Best Oblique Exercises For Perfect Ripped Abs

Many people confuse Obliques muscles and thus the obliques exercises with love handles, muffin top or Adonis belt, but in reality it is a completely different story. Without getting into technical details, Obliques are of two type and both of them basically laterally surround your upper abdominal